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Zizzi is another of Britain’s many and popular Italian restaurant chains. Their first restaurant in England opened in 1999 in Chiswick and since then, Zizzi restaurants have been popping up all over the place. Now with over 100 locations in the UK, each individual Zizzi location reflects its regional and local areas with original décor and friendly staff.

The Zizzi menu is full of choice for even the most fussy of eaters. Menu options range from a simple tomato soup to the nutritious pizza rustica (pizza topped with buffalo mozzarella, rocket and prosciutto), and there’s even squid ink linguine for seafood lovers. If that’s not enough, the dessert menu is highlighted by the delicious frutta al forno; consisting of baked peach and apricot with a crema gelato.

All Zizzi restaurants have a full list of wines to choose from, as well as many original Italian beers. With many wines available by the glass, diners can enjoy a classic chianti without paying over the odds.

All Zizzi locations are open 7 days a week, although opening times may vary depending on your area, so check locally before booking a table. There are great lunch and dinner deals as well as regularly updated specials to enjoy.