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Brighouse Road, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, HD2 2LB
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  • Av Mark C från Southampton
    27 februari 2020


  • Av Sharon T från Huddersfield
    1 september 2019

    Horrendous. The queue for the carvery was from the carvery serving place right to the other end of the pub. It took three quarters of an hour to get to the front just to be told that there were no Yorkshire puddings left. The serving chef said it has been ‘manic’ and they were going to run out of everything soon. This was for a booking made for 15:45. Hence it was a long time standing queuing for food especially when I had a 17 month old to carry. The other issue was that because everyone was queuing we had to say ‘excuse me, excuse me’ to that many people to get from the carvery serving area to our table. Then when we finally finished we went on the app to pay to save time and found that we had a different table number to the table we were on so our order wasn’t on there so we couldn’t use it. Then we had to queue again to pay. We are regular visitors to the Toby in Huddersfield and were very very very disappointed on this occasion.

  • Av Mags H från Huddersfield
    10 februari 2019

    Excellent service and food staff could do enough for us

  • Av Julie P från Huddersfeild
    23 januari 2019

    Great food!

  • Av June S från Huddersfield
    16 juni 2018

    The food was very good, however a couple of the staff were not great. The chef serving the carvary was miserable on the point of being rude. The lady that was there to great people was way over the top. I am retired and I had my 85 year old mother with me and she constantly kept calling us guys. That's OK for the younger people but she should tape it down for the senior citizens as I found it very off putting.

  • Av Andrea M från Huddersfield
    5 maj 2018

    we were told a 10 to 20 minute wait for food ordered from the menu. those of us who ordered waited over 30 minutes & it was brought in dribs & drabs. we had to ask about extras we had ordered as they hadnt come out with our meals. 2 of us ordered ploughmans when they came there was no cheese and no pickle on them!!! they were taken back to be sorted but by the time dhe brought them back out to us everyone else had just about finished eating. Overall not a very happy experience for my elderly dad as he was one who ordered ploughmans and he is a slow eater!!! wouldnt recommend to a friend no not really. we ordered drinks prior to food and they took forever to come too. The restaurant wasn't busy either to be honest.

  • Av Julie G från Huddersfield
    4 februari 2018

    Lovely service food was good veg wasn't as good very boring e.g. only carrots peas green beans no cheese on cauliflower and no mustard mash beef was over cooked rest of meat ok Yorkshire was fab xx

  • Av Ian G från Halifax
    21 januari 2018

    The best dinner for a long while

  • Av Wendy C från Halifax
    1 januari 2018

    We dine at Toby Carvery Huddersfield approx twice a month. We always have the Carvery which is fantastic. The staff there are all very friendly and the food is wonderful quality, it is our fave place to eat. Service is excellent and we always leave a tip.

  • Av Frank G från HUDDERSFIELD
    24 december 2017

    we ordered 4 prawn cocktails the waitress came back and told us they did not have any,2or3 minutes latter she came back and told us they had found some,when they arrived the lettuce looked like cabbage leaves and there was no sauce on them ,my bread was still slightly frozen they had taken them out of the freezer ,when almost eaten them we found water in bottom of dish. after we got our main i asked for some apple sauce they told us they had no apple also cranburry sauce,the night before xmas lunches, the same thing happened with the sweet but they found some, all that going on was the first time it has happened,i am glad they did not book my tables for 17 on the 30december. the next question about recommend a friend on this showing will have to be no.

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