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Drumming up ‘south of the border’ passion, Chiquito celebrates the heritage of Mexican cuisine. It all began in 1875 when the Texan Government chartered the Texas Mexican railway. As people travelled the line, recipes soon spilled between the two countries, creating the delicious fusion of flavours we know and love as Tex-Mex today.

Serving up Tex-Mex classics such as fajitas and burritos with a choice of fillings and flavours, the Chiquito menu also has a North of the Border section, offering dishes such as BBQ orange pepper pork and the Cajun fish sandwich, served with skin-on fries. Chiquito’s also gives diners the option of adding extra jalapenos to fire up the heat of any dish. The real treat, however, is the dessert menu, serving up Mexican dishes such as banana taquito and cinnamon dusted churros, served with hot fudge sauce for dipping. Divine!

Chiquito locations include 4 London branches, where the spicy flavours of the Tex-Mex dishes can be enjoyed.