Yo! Sushi Restaurants

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YO! Sushi brings the feel of an authentic Japanese sushi bar to the streets of the UK and its first restaurant opened over a decade ago in 1997. The conveyor belt-style service was new to these shores and made YO! Sushi restaurants the talk of London during those early days.

Now with over 50 official YO! Sushi locations throughout the UK, YO! Sushi has inspired a big increase in sushi in the UK, with many supermarkets now stocking the healthy snack as well.

The YO! Sushi menu consists of modern Japanese cuisine and classic sushi dishes that are all freshly prepared daily on location. Although sushi makes up the majority of the menu, there are over 80 other Japanese dishes to choose from that will satisfy vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. Select from a range of delicious soups to classic noodle and rice-based dishes, and that’s not forgetting the popular chicken teriyaki option as well. Diners at YO! Sushi restaurants have more choice than you might think.